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With the arrival of hot weather, it is not necessary to leave your equipment aside. To protect motorcyclists even in summer, equipment manufacturers are developing a whole range of ventilated clothing to avoid heatstroke on a motorcycle. Our tips will help you choose your summer jacket to ride safely.

Do you want to be protected on your motorcycle during the hot weather without suffocating under an unsuitable equipment for the summer season? Discover our advice on how to choose the right motorcycle jacket for summer. Light and ventilated materials, color, size: here are the buying criteria that will help you make the right choice. We also present a selection of jackets that are particularly appreciated by our customers.

Understanding the different summer motorcycle jackets to make the right choice

Textile jackets

Textile motorcycle jackets have mesh panels that vary in size depending on the model chosen. These perforated fabric inserts provide very strong ventilation. Moreover, they have the advantage of being particularly light. A good point also when you ride in summer!

The only drawback of this jacket is that it has less resistance on the mesh areas. However, these are generally located on the areas least exposed in case of a fall. The rest of the jacket is made of a resistant textile such as Cordura or polyester.

There are still less airy textiles that will adapt to your long summer trips. Note that you can also invest in a 3 in 1 model, allowing you to ride all year round. These jackets have a ventilated outer shell as well as a waterproof membrane and a thermal lining to be removed at the first sign of heat.

Leather jackets

The main advantage of a leather motorcycle jacket is its longevity and high resistance to abrasion. Summer leather jackets have perforations in a few strategic places to allow air to circulate inside.
However, it will be heavier to wear and may be considered too warm for the roads of southern. Opt for full grain leather, which is much more robust than split leather and also provides more comfort thanks to a higher level of flexibility.

Purchasing criteria

The use

When choosing your new motorcycle jacket, it is essential to consider the situations in which you will use it. Indeed, a mesh model will be more suitable for city riding, which is often much more stuffy than when you are on the road.

For long trips, you should choose a perforated leather or textile jacket with protected ventilation (air pockets).


Essential to avoid heat stroke in summer, to choose the level of ventilation present on your jacket, think about the regions in which you travel. Indeed, a highly ventilated model will be almost mandatory in the south. If you ride mainly in the northern regions of France, your jacket may be much less ventilated. You can even opt for a summer or mid-season jacket with a waterproof and breathable membrane in case of bad weather.


Style and color

This is a matter of taste. Motorcycle equipment manufacturers offer different styles of jackets: sporty, urban, vintage… In terms of colors, summer models are often available in classic colors such as black or gray, but you can find lighter models (sand, beige, etc.) to be less hot when the sun is shining.


The size

To choose the right size for your jacket, don’t hesitate to consult our size guide for motorcycle jackets. You should try it on in the riding position to make sure that the protections are in the right place.


The price

If you’re going for a leather model, you won’t find one for less than €200. Textile has the quality of being more affordable, count 150 € to 200 € on average. For small budgets, you can even find products for less than 100 €.


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