Equipment, maintenance, driving… Our best advice to start riding a motorcycle !

motorcycle equipment

Equipment, maintenance, driving… Our best advice to start riding a motorcycle !

Hi everyone, we are going to give a number of driving tips and others for beginners or fewer beginners that’s up to you here we have given the success of our special buying guide, we finally got 2 realized that many of you were newbies and suddenly we had a lot of questions that came up like the right reflexes to adopt or the right attitude to have when you are not used to riding a motorcycle yet in this article we tried to group together all the advice that we could give you that these are the things to check at the level of your machine or simply the right actions to adopt once on the handlebars while it is clear we absolutely do not pretend to be.

Years of practice of two wheels either for me or for Chris is a bunch of traps to avoid or not yeah well we don’t win all the lessons whatever the case we are starting to have just not too much experience yucky and a bunch of tips to share plus you know how to ride in the region it’s like for the age of dogs which multiplies by seven it’s an on the outskirts, it’s this in Provence, good go, stop talking we go to advice before dwelling on the bike there is a quick point but important to do this concerns the equipment today the equipment the only things compulsory at the level of the law is the helmet the gloves but we all know that on a motorbike you can hurt yourself very, very quickly if the tagines and who survived me if but I am also and [__] so he is better not to be satisfied with that suddenly to make simple the helmet holes than five years because it ages and completely must be changed otherwise it.

It’s too small it’s painful and if possible full even that looks at you if you want to spend the rest of your life possibly a teat with a straw yes it is not wrong for the gloves a pair approved that’s all there is to guarantee a sufficient level of protection the hulls on the top is not mandatory but is strongly advised not obligatory either but really essential beautiful in the blues have made for the two-wheeler simply because it is designed in anti-abrasive materials in the event of slipping and that they embark protections in the event of a fall on this subject the best is the one ind3 with the orange thing there it is a material which is very soft but which can absorb a huge amount of energy it’s magic this sorting out you can simply add back protection is better or the best of the best the airbag vest is overwhelming, that’s you who see you are you.

Makes it not burn on the skin like synthetic fabrics the best is motorcycle jeans, such an anti-abrasive and protective fabric integrated and then we finish with the shoes that will protect your foot and ankle even sometimes with a basketball look just with the materials that protect in case of slipping and in case of impact good obviously ideal it’s definitely the boots as long as you don’t put on the dance jeans it’s no no above all you forget it’s a matter of security no it’s just an unforgivable bad taste like the saddlebags ofthigh that also that rather die of crisis we go to the motorbike now the base of the base that goes for everyone is to have a motorbike well maintained means costs in good condition quality tires an engine who can not a chain of course who do not risk to break turn into killers and it’s having a motorcycle that will avoid you.

A delicate situation instead of aggravating the problem if it is necessary carry out emergency braking without braking or avoid avoidance with tires that slip I’m not drawing you a drawing you understood so thought of your revisions on time and control everything else the oil level or again the pressure of your tires that is really basic motorcycle trick under-inflated tires your motorcycle it seems much heavier much less precise but the flyover and you will risk losing grip and slipping a pressure of tires normally it is good every fortnight after if you do it every month is already more than enough and then if you do not know how to do it or if you do not know what pressure to put in your tires that you have tons of tutorials and information available on the internet always at the level of the bike a notion that we do not always think about OK any.

Large to the tan necessary for the different parts so that it is fully operational running in is a term we hear especially for new vehicles it is normal everything is new everything needs to be put in place in particular at the engine level so in general we are asked to take it easy the first 1000 kilometers we will accelerate really gradually we will not exceed a certain engine speed etc.all this so that the parts really are in the engine in the transmission here are all the functioning games end up being done properly, but it’s also super important to do this for the brakes and tires because these are parts that simply have manufacturing residues are seen particularly entries that have a layer of mold release paraffin that is in general hyper slippery up damn so that for.

Once again gradually little by little here you stop at each stop you watch what you go to nibble a little more each time enormously after about fifty kilometers you are good 50 km of roads with bends which is 50 km of straight lines on the highway voc Newell not leave the same for the brakes of the 10.9 pads 9 generally it does not break so the same we extend the braking distance we go there in spurts if we stay supported it is a blow to ice the plate sand then it will do it after you will be able to type in it so here we are thinking of your break-in and especially do it each time you change your consumables chapter of the motorcycle we end with the time of things which is in fact neither more nor less than a mini break-in that we will do each time that we take our motorbike the goal is in fact to take all the parts of the motorbike to their ideal operating temperature but all this gradually.

First few minutes we go slowly we let it flow we are the engine to raise the temperature water oil all this we will heat the tires and brakes in using them obviously but always without jerking them and once everything is everything good is hot there we can hit our motorbike but not before because otherwise either in abyme the mechanics or there is a risk of 100 packages of clothes now that we have given all the advice on the motorcycle taxes to these facts we will pass to the rider is the element fundamental the most important is the look that maybe wants to appear obvious or even stupid one to repeat it but the bike literally am the pilot’s gaze is the most frequent error at this level, so bait to fix at all costs what we want to avoid spoiler we all end up in the blows that it is someone who falls in front of you a car which comes out of nowhere or a bend that closes a little quickly you have to.

Look down on a trajectory that will allow you to avoid the obstacle Orwell inside the viral which will allow you to shoot better same thing to avoid looking at what is happening right in front of his meter we look for that is what will also allow us to anticipate much better anticipation one hour later than, for example, it will be a question of adapting driving to the elements I won’t hide from you that the rain is wet and it makes everything more slippery it is the white bands the manhole covers and even the bitumen besides when the weather was fine for long and that the first drops fall and all the hydrocarbons that goes up it makes a good very oily film when it’s cold to its slippery your tires they heat less quickly and less well so if there is snow and ice there it is not even there hardly but on the contrary when it’s hot.

Your tires overheating is the same it slips and then to finish it remains the night well that I will not insult you, explain to us why we see less well light thank you to Gilles anyway all you take these elements into account and if in doubt you adapt your driving you slow down a bit and that’s the news very important notion the rhythm what is important is that you find the yours the one that makes you most comfortable good while avoiding being dangerous for another one at ten an hour on the national road is not terrible at 300 either it depends he bluffing not sure but in any case to find your rhythm what is going to be important is to define your limits but also that of your motorcycle and for that there are not 36 solutions must be driven obviously and from time to time in secure places you will try to pushing a little more than your usual pace.

Strong and well you may not necessarily be able to deal with the unexpected not ask you to go and look for elbows obviously but to from you you know roughly what speed of passage in the bend you are able to have what braking distance you need to you stop or how much gas able to put back my already you gotta be able to really adapt your pace to your environment at and while I am there think be careful when riding in a group when you are not used to it because we very quickly get carried away by others sometimes we really higher pace and it rolls above its pumps it’s the best way to make a mistake, word of the guy who almost at the rocky bar because a six-year-old bandit brakes not at all the same as gsxr just in front of your words so now we move on to the chapter on the environment and what is the relationship with ecology.

Once I may push open doors but in the process of circuit with a very abrasive bitumen, no element to disturb you and country roads where every bend can hide in the middle of a pile of gravel at worst a tractor who tumbles you agree that we drive not at all the same according to our environment so it is essential to take it into account as well as all the traps that can hide there and then that brings us to the last tip that I am going to be able to give you one of those that has marked me the most never trust others this advice the jelly received the day I picked up my motorcycle license and I don’t know why it really marked me and indeed in fact it has become the basis because if you know your limits those of your motorcycle that you are able to properly analyze the road you are one with respect to the weather is fine but you will never ever be able to know what is going on in the minds of people around you so carry everything.

She will arrive to pass from chaos theory pure and simple predictability in the complex system because apart from the falls that I did on my own as a big surfer circuit the only times I have carded with someone low it was my doing I trusted it’s a cycling cut a priority it’s a car that cut me off to go home this site offers a car that turned down on me but conversely low I no longer count the times when I avoided the worse simply because I felt the [__] coming so was starting from principle that no one sees you no one hears you and anticipate what worse can happen so to sum up we equip ourselves well we maintain the motorcycle, of course, we take the time to let it heat up and we think of a break in the new parts then we put our eyes well on adapts his rhythm according to his limits we pay attention to his.

above all we anticipate and you will see that with all things going normally already that should be fine yeah, yeah that’s it for this article we hope she has you more whether you are a beginner or confirmed and especially if you have other advice do not hesitate to put them in comment we will try to pin the most useful obviously thinking to share the video and leave a sky blue thumb you liked and also remember to subscribe to the channel and activate the bell to miss any of our next videos as usual we’ll say to each other in two weeks and, in the meantime, we are on Facebook Instagram twitter the eldest in description engine cycle says to you at the next high [Music] to sum up, we equip ourselves long before commenting on what I wrote me it’s good what you feel it there that the image


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